Seamless Integration of Time Accounting


The calculation and correct keeping of a personal work time account is of utmost importance to most employees. That is where the time accounting system from Interflex comes in. The system does not only calculate the accounting parameters from different basic agreements, but also takes all legal and inter-company rules and agreements into consideration.

As a rule, a company's payroll accounting program is the "leading personnel system". The time accounting system from Interflex can be seamlessly integrated into your system structure and provides you with all the data relevant for accounting. Quickly, reliably and accurately.


More Control and Less Pressure - Automatically 

Time accounting with SP-Expert provides for transparency and a high level of satisfaction: From the recording of hours worked and error-free accounting to the keeping of balance accounts. Due to the fully automatic work time and premium calculation, the workload of your employees in the personnel department is also reduced, which prevents errors from happening.

The system actively includes each of your employees in the process of making corrections. That is the case, for example, if an employee forgets to clock IN or OUT. As a result, the time accounting system can be accessed via mobile applications or portals at any time. Thus, making corrections, retrieving reports or maintaining master data is even more flexible and convenient for your employees.


SP-Expert - Planning Time Accounting in Advance

In a time accounting system, hours that have already been worked are usually recorded, calculated and managed accordingly. SP-Expert time accounting from Interflex can do more: In conjunction with personnel scheduling, this system calculates work time - while taking all collective bargaining, legal and intra-company accounting parameters into consideration - in advance. This allows you to precisely schedule and control work time over a long period of time, for example, until the end of the year.
Your benefit: Work time accounts are in balance compared to the contractually agreed hours and expensive provisions for accumulated overtime can be omitted or reduced considerably.



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