Determining Productivity Factors

Accurately in Every Detail


With the productivity analysis tool from Interflex, you can accurately analyze internal or third-party data. This data is put together for you individually and provides information on the factors that influence your productivity - both positive and negative. Thus, you can realize how each individual factor affects the value-added business processes of your company.

With our analysis tool, the key figures of each department are determined for the analysis of your personnel requirements. These key figures are the basis for the calculation of your personnel requirements. In doing so, not only the times worked in relation to the performance rendered during this period are taken into account. Many other factors, such as absence time quotas and seasonal or calendrical particularities are included in the analysis and thus, are explainable -accurate in every detail and always subject to the sector or the type and size of the company.


Productivity Analysis - Rely on Experienced Specialists

Beyond the state-of-the-art and future-oriented SP-Expert software, it is the thorough knowledge and years of experience of our consulting and service teams that makes Interflex one of the leading providers of workforce management software.


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