Save Costs with Personnel Scheduling

The competitive strength of a company is determined by its ability to control its costs and keep them as low as possible. That is why in areas that provide cost-saving opportunities based on automation, logical adaptations and system support, the greatest potentials in value-added business processes have already been exhausted in many cases.

Now, the area of personnel has become a further option for reducing costs. However, this does not mean you have to lay off personnel. Quite the contrary: Even if that would result in short-term success, a decision like that could prove to be a disadvantage in the medium and long term. However, you can still reduce personnel costs - with a personnel scheduling system from Interflex.


Optimized Personnel Scheduling – Motivated Employees

Optimierte Personalplanung

Systematically improving personnel scheduling by taking your requirements and the interest of your employees into account, is constructive and very effective. Experience has shown that in our key fields of aviation, logistics, manufacturing, health care, call centers, service companies and public services. This also includes considering economic, collective bargaining and legal aspects.

At the same time, complementary measures, such as the introduction of flexible working hours, the modification of work time models and the involvement of employees in scheduling responsibilities are further positive aspects.  Employee productivity will increase and there will be less absence times due to the higher motivation and identification of your personnel. This can have a positive effect on many parts of your value chain.


Handling Complex Scheduling Processes Professionally

"The right employee with the right skills, in the right place, at the right time, and at the right costs" is a timeless definition, because it still clearly reflects the complexity of the combinations. Challenges, such as partial retirement, demographic changes, new work time models or changes to work ergonomics must also be addressed. That makes scheduling, demanding as it is, even far more complex.

With SP-Expert as a scheduling tool, you actively support those responsible for the development of optimum personnel schedules. You add quality to your scheduling processes that allows you to immediately respond to future challenges.


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