Encouraging Employee Self-Responsibility


By using the employee self-service software from Interflex, you can include time management processes to existing Intranet and staff portals. Thus, your employees can be integrated into numerous scheduling processes immediately. The system includes functions such as:

  • Request absence or specify desired work times to be considered in scheduling
  • Retrieve information on work time balances or schedules
  • Record and correct time accounting data
  • Swap scheduled work time with appropriate employees or offer to swap via a swapping service

The respective personnel manager can easily and promptly process requests and desired work time. If a direct supervisor is absent, requests are forwarded to his or her substitute. Basically, all the information relevant for making decisions is made available to the approver at a glance - everything from work time balances and the annual vacation calendar to qualification criteria for certain functions.

A great benefit for all involved: Due to the transparency of the processes, requests can no longer be forgotten or processed too late. Furthermore, both employees and superiors are always informed about the current status.


Trust is the Basis for Collaboration

Employees, who assume responsibility for the maintenance and correction of their work time data, take the workload off the personnel department. Correction tasks are minimized and there are no employee requests regarding incorrect work time balances. In this connection, system options can also be configured for individual groups and still ensure uniform processes.

From the employees' point of view, employee self-service is the basis for a perfect balance between work and leisure time. The result: motivated employees. By actively involving your employees in the scheduling process, they perform some of the tasks and thus, assume some of the responsibility themselves. Being appreciated and being involved is the basis for employee satisfaction. Commitment and identification with the company is the result.


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