Determining Requirements is the Basis

for Personnel Scheduling

Der Personalbedarf

The more you are familiar with your personnel requirements, the more precise you can be in responding to short-term fluctuations. Reliable human resource demand forecasting, however, is only possible if all company and sector-specific factors are known and integrated into the analyses according to their validity.

Depending on the company and the sector, personnel requirements can fluctuate over short periods, for example, due to the late arrival and dispatch of airplanes or a sudden flood of incoming calls at a call center. It is necessary to balance these fluctuations using a professional scheduling system and to keep costs manageable at all times.

To receive information on your workload, all forecasts and company-relevant factors that drive demand are determined in conjunction with historic data. This can be order volume data from an ERP system, realized revenues or customer data from a supermarket, the number of calls from a call center or occupancy rates from a hospital. The demand is then calculated, even in case of short-term changes, by the click of a button.


Fine-Tune Forecasts - Optimize Costs

During initial calculation, it is most efficient to determine your personnel requirements for the shortest period possible. This forecast is used as the basis for demand-oriented scheduling. The predicted volume of work is then continuously adjusted to the workload and the working hours that actually incurred. This activates the so-called "self-learning" function of the system. The forecasts become more and more precise and the requirements can be determined more accurately.

The second decisive factor for an established calculation of your personnel requirements is the level of productivity or a set of performance indicators. Over time, from the combination of expected productivity and actual performance, your system will become more and more fine-scaled for the calculation of your personnel requirements.


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