Knowing, Deciding and Being Successful

Wissen, entscheiden, erfolgreich sein

Personnel controlling is one of the most important elements in personnel management. The structured analysis and controlled data collection in the personnel area are becoming more and more demanding and information-intensive. Large amounts of data must be managed and short-term changes must be implemented into the database with the least effort possible. The following three methods are the basis for making sound managerial decisions:

  • Reliable demand forecasting
  • Informative, structured reporting
  • Systematic data management and analysis

The reporting module allows you to enhance and expand your knowledge. Relevant data, such as productivity per cost center, absence time information, revenues per employee or group, can be analyzed and evaluated, multi-dimensionally in context with further significant key figures of the company. The result is a new and more efficient way of controlling human resources. This creates the basis for both successful and future-oriented action.

Forging Ahead - Keeping up with the Times

The reporting module from SP-Expert makes it quick and easy to generate reports. Due to the convenient user interface, reports can either be defined by your personnel staff or by management staff for immediate evaluation. The data can be transferred to any standard business intelligence tool. This further increases the informative value of the data and gives you confidence in your decision-making.

Complete, accurate and immediately available data for the determination of personnel performance indicators is a significant component for the cost-conscious development of your company. You accelerate your ability to respond, minimize the risks and improve the quality of your decisions.


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