Perfect Scheduling - Accurate and Fair

Perfekte Einsatzplanung

Automatic schedule optimization determines the ideal schedule from a multitude of parameters while taking entrepreneurial necessities, employee interests and efficiency into consideration. Schedule optimization from Interflex is not only based on general parameters, such as personnel requirements, employee account balances or work time models, it also includes an arbitrary number of individually definable factors.

Which parameters are to be used under which conditions is determined based on your requirements. Fairness in scheduling and bringing the distribution of work time in line with employee preferences are often crucial factors. This is for sure: Automatic schedule optimization generates fair shift schedules - accurately and quickly.


Reduce the Scheduler's Workload – Increase the Scheduling Quality 

Scheduling proposals can be made on an hourly or daily basis for any time period. With just a few clicks, parameters can be changed, adjusted and recalculated until the best schedule variant has been found for you.

Automatic schedule optimization from Interflex allows you to generate schedules that could not be created manually in a comparable amount of time or quality. Furthermore, it increases the motivation and satisfaction of your employees by taking their interests into consideration. This leads to a significant increase in productivity and a reduction in absenteeism.


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