Workforce Management: A Powerful System for Achieving Success

Workforce management helps you to identify, evaluate and maximize your company's potential. With solutions from Interflex, you combine innovation with experience and best practice.




Time & Attendance Recording

With a time & attendance recording system from Interflex, the work processes in your company become more flexible and efficient.

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Time and Attendance Recording

Time Accounting: Less Effort - High Degree of Acceptance

With a state-of-the-art time accounting system, you reduce the administrative workload of your personnel department. Due to the reliable calculation of work times and premiums, the system is trusted and accepted by your employees.

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Time Accounting

Personnel Scheduling: Connecting Interests and Goals

By systematically scheduling personnel, you can reach a totally new dimension of efficiency of labor. You can bring your personnel requirements and the personal qualities and interests of your employees into perfect balance.

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Personnel Scheduling

Demand Forecasting: Peering into the Future with Confidence

The determination of demand, accurate in every detail, allows you to manage and schedule your personnel. You can reduce personnel costs, increase employee satisfaction and stabilize your competitiveness.

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Demand Forecasting

Productivity Analysis: More Cost-Effectiveness as a Result

The value-added business processes of your company are subject to numerous factors. Being able to identify and evaluate each of these performance indicators is the basis for more productivity and entrepreneurial growth.


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Productivity Analysis

Automatic Schedule Optimization

Schedule optimization provides many additional benefits. It reduces costs and scheduling time while significantly increasing the scheduling quality.

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Automatic Schedule Optimization


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