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Visitor management allows you to register and manage new and regular visitors as well as suppliers and project staff.

From any point within the company, including the reception area, gate and lobby, or via the Internet: You can assign visitors to the respective contact person within your company, create visitor passes and specify the areas your visitors are allowed to access. Due to a preregistration process, you can also reduce the amount of staff required at the main entrance and reception area. Visitor groups can easily be registered via a quick registration process.

The applied security software assigns access rights for offline and online solutions. Its manifold features include manual and automatic unregistration, archiving of visitor data and management of third-party companies. By means of adjusted workflows, you can save valuable work time. Furthermore, you can reconstruct the assignment of rights.


Self-Registration in the Reception Area and Automatic Data Control

To keep administration effort low, a software add-on allows visitors to register themselves by entering their name, company, address and the name of their contact person at a separate terminal in the reception area. Security mechanisms include:

  • Scanning names and addresses from business cards
  • Capturing images via a video camera
  • Encoding and printing of cards/visitor passes
  • Activating cards when first used at a terminal

The respective contact person is automatically informed and authorizes the registration via his/her computer.

The expiration date of each visitor credential is always checked. Due to predefined access rights, a complete audit trail of the visitor's stay is available. If a visitor uses an expired card, access will be denied and, if applicable, the card will be withdrawn by the terminal. That's what makes the visitor management solution from Interflex convenient and secure.


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