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Visitor management can be used to receive and manage numerous groups of people, whether in large or small companies. These include new guests, regular visitors, returning suppliers and project staff.

Whether in the secretary's office, at the workplace, at the reception, in the foyer, in the counter area or via the Internet: You assign your guests to the respective contact person within your company, hand out visitor badges and define areas that a guest is allowed to enter.

Pre-registration by the host can further reduce the number of personnel required at the gate and reception. You can conveniently register visitor groups or individual visitors, day visitors or visitors for several days using a dialog created for this purpose.


Visitor management with extensive functions:

The "Reception" security software used for managing visitors enables access rights for offline and online solutions to be assigned directly to guests. Its diverse functional features include manual or fully automatic:

  • registration and deregistration,
  • the issuing of passes and visitor badges,
  • the privacy policy,
  • the visitor and security briefing,
  • the creation of visitor photos,
  • the restricted list,
  • the quick deregistration,
  • accompanying follow-up booking
  • the authorization to open the parking barrier
  • and archiving of visitor data.

With the help of the optimally adapted workflows, you save valuable working time and enable your guests to enjoy a pleasant stay.



NEW: Self registration with image capture

It's easy to create visitor photos in the Reception and Self-Registration applications. In self-registration, the visitor can be asked to take a photo via webcam during data entry. The picture is stored in the visitor file and provides additional security when dealing with external guests.

Particularly with larger groups of people, the handling process is simplified and the host immediately recognizes the correct visitors on the basis of the photos.




NEW: Self-registration with badge issuance

In the visitor self-registration PRO, spontaneous and pre-registered visitors have the opportunity to register themselves on a PC or a tablet (kiosk) in the reception area. At the end of the registration dialog, the visitor badge is given via a suitable printer with an integrated reading and encoding unit.

This solution is particularly suitable for side entrances or external offices, as no personnel are required to dispense the badge. Visitors can thus be easily integrated into the security and access control concept even at entrances without gatekeepers or reception staff.



NEW: Open parking barrier with QR code

This solution optimally integrates parking lot barriers into visitor management. Before the visit, the guest receives an invitation via e-mail with an extended QR code and all visit information. The QR code authorizes the opening of a barrier at the parking lot before the visit begins.

In addition, the extended QR code can be used as a visitor badge after registration. Access control without direct contact with visitors is a great advantage, especially in times of pandemic.





Employees invite their visitors via Outlook or with the “Invitation” application in Self Service

Employees can easily arrange appointments with their visitors: with a specially designed Outlook add-in or the “Invitation” application in Self Service, employees and their guests can exchange all necessary information, such as the appointment, including any visit information and directions, even before the visit. In this way, all relevant information is communicated in advance and all participants – guests, employees and receptionists – benefit from the short registration process.


Self-registration at the tablet

There is a convenient solution to keep administration efforts at reception as low as possible. With the “Self-Registration Basic” software extension, visitors can independently register at a separate self-registration kiosk or tablet in the lobby with their first and last name, company and contact person. At the same time, the visitor is provided with information about legal and internal company regulations (privacy policy and safety briefing). At the same time, the system automatically creates a preregistration for the receptionist.


Self-registration “kiosk” at the side entrance

At side entrances or in areas without receptionists, the “Self-Registration Pro” application can further increase cost efficiency. Visitors can, therefore, register and deregister independently at a self-registration kiosk or tablet in the reception area or lobby. The visitor data is automatically processed in the system. Registration at reception is no longer necessary. Therefore, unattended side entrances or remote locations are successfully integrated into visitor processing.  


Electronic guest book in the lobby

Data protection is the primary objective. This also applies to the visitor guest book in your reception area. In order to operate in accordance with data protection regulations, digitalising visitor processing is particularly recommended. In this way, you can ensure that your visiting guests’ data is not publicly accessible and that no hard copy of a guest book is necessary. You can immediately provide your visitors with an electronic guest book using the “Self-Registration Pro” application. This eliminates administration efforts at your reception and your guests are managed in accordance with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).





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