Flexible access control with over-the-air technology


Flexible Zutrittskontrolle

The future of access control is “Over-the-air”! Corporate security is essentially about protecting a building or site from unauthorised access. The administration of access rights should be as convenient as possible, in that authorisations and blockings can be carried out centrally. We have the ideal solution for you: you can easily manage your access rights with the new Opendor products. With Opendor air, the individual locking components are controlled with the IF-6040 software due to its wireless and online functionality. The Bluetooth 5 technology used here achieves ranges between locking components and gateway of up to 50 metres in buildings.

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Opendor card




One product line for many possible applications


A complete system with battery-operated locking components can be flexibly and easily integrated into an existing infrastructure. Door handles, door fittings, electronic cylinders and lockers from the Opendor air product line are equipped with over-the-air technology and offer the great advantage that no cables need to be laid during installation. This eliminates the high installation effort required when laying cables, thus saving costs.

Interior and exterior doors, lockers for uniforms and furniture cabinets for valuables can be secured in a user-friendly way with the Opendor product line:



Flexible Zutrittskontrolle

Cabinet Lock (IF-261)

Co-working and open spaces are concepts that are increasingly being used for modern working. Such shared offices require the individual lockers at the workstations to be secured with furniture locks so that unauthorised persons cannot access technical equipment or sensitive documents.

Locker locks are also ideal for locker rooms in large-scale industry where official or protective clothing is mandatory. Private clothing and personal valuables of the staff are thus optimally secured.



Flexible Zutrittskontrolle

Door Handle (IF-271)

The Door Handle is the ideal solution for cost-effective, uncomplicated and wireless compliance with current security standards for a wide range of applications.

The Opendor door handle is ideal for securing doors indoors, e.g. for offices or meeting rooms.







Flexible Zutrittskontrolle

Gateway (IF-4041)

With the gateway based on Interflex controller technology, we are expanding our product portfolio with a product featuring the latest Bluetooth 5 technology, state-of-the-art certificate-based encryption and the building block for "over-the-air" access management. The wireless online technology turns every door into an online door. The IF-6040 controls the locking components with all the usual functionalities.

Battery-operated components can be integrated via the gateway in locations that are difficult to reach with data cables.


New advanced functionalities - with IF-6040 Release 10.3:

With software release 10.3 of the IF-6040 central system, users of Opendor air locking components benefit from extended, additional functionalities:

  • The smartphone as a digital key: With the "Key" app (Android, iOS), users can now also conveniently open doors with their smartphone. The smartphone is thus integrated into a modern security concept in addition to the token or RFID ID card as an identification medium.
  • Over-the-air" updates: Firmware updates can be conveniently and automatically transferred from the system IF-6040 system to the locking component.
  • Due to the permanent connection of the locking component with the system/gateway, the respective battery status can be automatically reported by the component to the IF-6040 system. This allows central monitoring of all door fittings and enables fast response times in the event of a pending battery change.
  • Access even in an emergency with the "permanent authorization list": In the event of a fire or evacuation, groups of people such as the fire department must be granted uncomplicated and rapid access. By means of an authorization list stored in the component, specific groups of people receive permanent access authorization for these emergency scenarios, even in the event of a system failure.  


Your advantages at a glance:

  • Investment protection through the latest technology
  • Certificate-based encryption means the locking components can also be operated in the public network
  • Access authorisation can be granted or revoked online in real time
  • Autonomous also in offline case due to own decision logic and local data storage (with 10.3 including a permanent authorization list that allows access for specific groups of people, e.g. fire department, in evacuation/emergency scenario)
  • Centrally controlled updates (with 10.3 automated "over-the-air")
  • Uncomplicated and simple installation without cable laying
  • No drilling required for standardised doors and cabinets
  • Convenient one-hand operation with acoustic and visual feedback
  • Upgrade from Opendor card  to Opendor air  possible at any time
  • Long battery life: up to 200,000 openings without changing batteries
  • Signaling of the battery status by LEDs (with 10.3 automated battery status reporting of the component to the IF-6040 system)


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