Evacuation management - efficient and successful
in emergencies

Companies regularly conduct fire or evacuation exercises. As a rule, all employees gather at a specific assembly point, while the responsible evacuation manager uses a paper list to check whether all persons have left the building. If one person is missing, the fire department must search for them in the building. During this time, the remaining assembled employees must wait. This waiting time is not only inefficient, it costs the company money, depending on the duration of the exercise and the size of the company. After all, where is the person in the building at the time of the emergency? Even in a simple exercise, that's not so easy to answer with a paper list.

Some companies are urged to conduct regular evacuation exercises to avoid incidents at chemical parks, the loss or disruption of utilities, or even a public safety incident. A solution is needed that provides a comprehensive largely complete picture of the situation, updates continuously and saves money.

Evacuation with the IF-6040 system - keeping an overview even in an emergency

With the evacuation solution from Interflex, companies benefit for the first time from an efficient solution that provides a dynamic overview of all groups of people who are on the premises at the time of the exercise or in an emergency and who may need to be evacuated.

Embedded in the IF-6040 software solution, the solution generates a "dynamic evacuation list" that can be operated on the tablet at the assembly point by the responsible persons. All current data collected via the booking terminals of the access control system, in the time recording system or by the visitor management system flows into one list and is continuously updated there. This is because people who have arrived at the assembly point can use mobile terminals (tablet or mobile access terminals) to sign out of the evacuation list and thus report their presence. In the opposite case, a missing person can be located in the building via the available last access booking, which improves the speed of the search for persons and the evacuation.




    Dynamic evacuation list - all advantages at a glance: 

  • Efficient and dynamic: Current overview of all persons/groups present and absent at the time of the evacuation or fire safety exercise
  • All data in one system: Comprehensive database from various sources such as access control, time recording or visitor management
  • Always up to date: Continuous dynamic updating of the database also by recording current bookings during the evacuation
  • Easy handling: operation via web interface on tablet by one or more persons possible
  • Increased efficiency: e.g. through additional independent attendance bookings by employees at mobile booking terminals at the assembly point
  • Cost savings: evacuation/fire safety exercise can be handled quickly and without long waiting times
  • Fully integrated performance: simple integration as a "supplementary module" in the existing IF-6040 system



     Who is the solution suitable for?
  • Companies that belong to the energy supply, transportation/traffic, health care (medical care), chemical companies, water supply, media, information technology and communication, finance and insurance, government and administration, food supply and water supply sectors
  • Companies that want to conduct fire safety or evacuation exercise regularly, quickly and efficiently




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