Biometric Identification –

Preferred Technology for High Security

Biometrische Erkennung

Conventional security systems recognize users via their PIN codes or credentials. This raises the question: Is the credential being used by its authorized user?

To exclude all possibility of doubt, Interflex offers biometric access control systems. Thus, unauthorized persons are no longer able to access certain rooms or special areas of your company.

By comparing individually recorded characteristics to currently provided data, biometric systems ensure unique identification - independent of company credentials or passwords. Recognition features are thereby completely separated from person-related data.


Personalize Security – Reduce Administration Effort

Biometric solutions from Interflex can easily be integrated into modern IT structures and existing access control systems. Fingerprint recognition, for example, is a low-cost, easy-to-use and very reliable method. Interflex offers the following biometric solutions:

  • 2D fingerprint recognition
  • Contactless 3D fingerprint recognition
  • Vein pattern recognition
  • Hand geometry recognition


With a biometric solution, your employees no longer have to worry or even think about company credentials. Physical characteristics, such as the fingerprint, cannot be forgotten, lost or misplaced. This means: You can increase the security of your company and reduce administration effort at the same time.



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