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Zutrittskontrolle - Sicherheitslösungen nach Maß

Our security concepts are extremely efficient because we combine all the elements of a reliable security system. This results in customized solutions for modern company structures and security requirements that have a basic advantage:

With a security system from Interflex, you have the highest level of entrepreneurial flexibility at your disposal at any time.



Establishing and Expanding Solution Concepts Systematically

We develop customized security solutions. Through customer-specific analysis, we determine all required functions taking all security and safety aspects into account. We accurately adjust the system to your company's structure and its special features. This also includes the continuous implementation of long-term company goals.

The basic functions of an access control system can be expanded with the following components: Security control center, visitor management, video surveillance, mechanical offline terminals with data from the online system, and biometric recognition. That makes access management comprehensive and transparent.


Our Security Concepts Grow with Your Requirements

Security solutions from Interflex are future-oriented, holistic and highly flexible. For you, that means long-term corporate security and protection of investment. Our product generations are all compatible. They can be integrated into existing system elements and security systems dynamically. Growing with the requirements of your company is a key measure of our performance. That is why we believe in long-term partnerships - irrespective of the line of business or the company's size.

  • Protection for small and medium-sized companies
  • Multi-level enterprise solutions with various levels of security
  • Complex high-security solutions for hospitals, research, development, production, administration, and governmental facilities



Manage access rights simply - reduce complexity


Managing access rights for everyone, whether employees, visitors or employees of external companies, can be very complex depending on the size of the company and the number of sites involved. Each new employee, depending on his or her organizational unit and position, must be assigned corresponding individual access regulations (when, where, how long valid) for this area.

If the employee changes position in the company or leaves it, the access authorisations must be adjusted again - and this must be done across locations and well documented in terms of IT and information security. This not only causes administrative effort, but also requires a comprehensive security concept with partially or fully automated administrative processes (so-called "workflows").


Simplify administration - inherit access rights

With the Interflex software system IF-6040, you can create access authorizations quickly and easily and manage them automatically. Instead of assigning access rights to each individual employee, you create user groups for your company, such as departments and organizational units, which in turn are assigned specific rights profiles. All employees can be organizationally assigned to specific user groups. The respective rights profiles, including all stored exceptions, restrictions and location-related access rights, are automatically applied to the assigned employees or "inherited". If employees change location or organizational unit within the company - and thus the user group - the respective stored access authorizations are applied to them. This is an advantage because the often individual administration of rights can be significantly reduced, especially in large and complex company structures with many employees.


New: Access rights on demand - access rights in self-service

The central, cross-company administration of access rights simplifies complex corporate processes. However, it is often necessary for employees to be able to independently apply for individual access rights for a specific period or location. And that on a demand-oriented basis. With "EasyWorkflow for access authorizations", your employees can assign their own or new access rights, manage them and view existing ones.

The workflows are integrated in the software system of the IF-6040 and can be operated via an easy-to-use interface - even via mobile devices. If an employee applies for new access rights, a stored, multi-stage process controls the necessary steps up to approval via supervisors and/or security officers. In addition, the access rights applied for are limited in time, so that an employee does not accumulate an unlimited number of access rights. If a requested or approved access authorization has expired, the employee has the option to have already assigned authorizations extended by submitting a change request in the interest of data economy. With this decentralized workflow, the administrative effort on the company side can be further reduced and the employees' personal responsibility can be additionally strengthened.



  • Decentralized process for access authorizations
  • Individual authorization structure with deputy regulation
  • Multi-stage, compliance-compliant authorization procedure
  • Automatic allocation of access rights after approval


Advantages at a glance:

  • Strengthened personal responsibility of employees in employee self-service
  • Simple, intuitive operation, also on mobile devices
  • Flexible rights design and allocation
  • Dynamic, time-limited access authorizations in self-service
  • Compliance-compliant allocation and documentation of access authorizations (who, when, why)


With the possibilities of the IF-6040 software system, companies receive an application for comprehensive security concepts with which access authorizations and the associated processes can be managed easily, partially/fully automated and in a compliance-compliant manner.



Access by smartphone


You have different keys, badges or chips for opening doors? If they are lost, they have to be replaced at great expense?

That is now a thing of the past. If you have a smartphone, you can use it to open all doors controlled by an Interflex access control system in the future. Simply download and register the app, and you're done!






Access by table reader IF-73:
Read and write badges easily!


Interflex launches the IF-73, a new tabletop reader with an attractive design.

The new IF-73 tabletop reader is particularly flexible in use: In addition to fields of application in representative areas such as reception, the reader can also be used to identify employees at selected machines or workstations.

The IF-73 uses current technologies for access control such as USB-C and also sends visual and acoustic signals as soon as the data of the inserted medium has been read. The desktop version is available in the RFID technologies MIFARE Classic, MIFARE DESFire as well as LEGIC prime or LEGIC advant.






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