Access Control


With an intelligent security system, you can optimize your business processes. At the same time, you can easily react to upcoming developments and security-relevant processes of change within your company.

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Visitor Management


Is your company visited by different groups of people all the time? The application of effective visitor management can lead to significantly more transparency and efficiency and reduce the work load of your employees.

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Biometric Identification

Biometrische Erkennung

Biometric solutions increase the security level of companies significantly. Thus, they can be a meaningful and easy-to-integrate expansion to your existing access control system.

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Offline Solutions

Offline Lösungen

Offline terminals from Interflex can be integrated into all system and operating environments - even in the most modern building complexes and structures. This gives you the opportunity to increase the security level of your company's site very quickly.

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Security Control Center


A reliable security solution includes all the components necessary for total building security. With the security control center, you can merge all security systems in your company.

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Video Surveillance


By integrating a professional video surveillance system (CCTV), you support your security personnel in an effective way. At the same time, you strengthen your company's entire security structure.

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