PegaSys 2.1

Product Description

PegaSys 2.1 

PegaSys door fittings are the perfect addition to an online access control system for electronic locking doors. Areas, which so far have been excluded from comprehensive access control for technical or financial reasons, can thus be integrated into the security architecture in a cost-effective and flexible way.

Overview of Features:

  • Offline access control
  • Reading of NetworkOnCard permission

PegaSys 2.1 and PegaSys door fittings are the perfect addition to an online access control system for electronic locking doors. A



LEGIC prime and LEGIC advant reading technologies are available.

Usage / Installation:
The door fittings are suitable for a wide range of doors. Various designs (dimensions, hinges, handles, etc.) are available for project planning.
Even without the installation of cables or other structural measures, they provide the security and convenience of an electronic access control solution based on an RFID credential. Electronic door fittings can easily be mounted onto existing doors.
PegSys fittings are available in narrow and wide versions. The housings are made of robust stainless steel.
The scope of delivery includes two handles, the electronic unit with a battery compartment, and the credential reading unit.
A suitable mechanical lock cylinder can be mounted in parallel for both products.

Special Features:
Data transfer is carried out via NetworkOnCard:
Offline devices write access permissions onto credentials. These permissions are then checked when a booking is performed at an offline door fitting. At the same time, status data (e.g. low battery status) is downloaded to the credential and transferred to the higher-ranking system
via an online terminal when the next booking is performed. NetworkOnCard thus combines online components and offline access control.

Each offline door fitting can be configured individually. Thus, for example, one door fitting can be automatically switched open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. for public business, and another can be configured to open only via a booking with an authorized credential. The PegaSys Mobile software is used to manage the door fittings. It allows you to upload permissions to the door fittings and to retrieve diagnostic data.


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