Product Description

IF-4078 Terminal Controller
The IF-4078 controller family delivers a convincing performance with its multi-functional, powerful and user-friendly features for acquiring data via connected Interflex hardware or aptiQ / Wiegand reader.


Overview of Features:

  • Transfer of bookings from slave terminals to the time & attendance or access control program
  • Control of slave terminals
  • Return of booking decisions to slave terminals
  • Storage of data
  • Switching of external devices to offline mode

Special Features:

The IF-4078-4 controller has various standardized interfaces and three Bus-systems. IT can have 4 aptiQ / Wiegand readers as well as adress to 12 more terminals.

The IF-4078-2 controller differs in the number of connectable aptiQ / Wiegand readers. 2 AptiQ / Wiegand readers can be addressed on this controller. A lead-acid battery for emergency power supply is available as an accessory.

Usualy subordinate time and access terminals of series IF-8xx or contact terminals are controlled.



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