IF-5735 Time & Attendance Recording

Product Description


The IF-5735 terminal is outstanding due to its multi-functional, powerful and user-friendly handling for contactless identification.

Overview of Features:

  • Time and Attendence recording
  • records time data, such as e.g. IN/OUT times or absence reasons.
  • Cost center recording
  • Access control (optional)
  • Barcode scanning (optional)
  • displays accounts calculated by the IF-6020/IF-6040 system or provided by SAP.
  • takes over the functions of the time & attendance recording/access control program.
  • writes offline data (NetworkOnCard) onto credentials.
  • allows for the connection of up to 3 slave terminals.
  • controls relays (additional hardware required).
  • allows for the connection of one I/O board.
  • allows for the connection of slave terminals.

The large, intuitive touch screen of the device stands out due to its ease of operation and clearly structured menu.


The device is used for identification via RFID credentials. This master terminal can write NetworkOnCard permissions for offline terminals onto credentials with Mifare or LEGIC technology.

Usage / Installation:
The IF-5735 terminal can be surface mounted on walls or pillars in dry rooms.

Special Features:
The IF-5735 terminal is equipped with the latest technology and can be integrated into a 10/100 MB Ethernet network. As an alternative or supplement, 24 V low-voltage can also be used.

Furthermore, the terminal is also available with a WLAN module. Thus, time can still be recorded in environments with difficult structural conditions or on a mobile basis.



IF-57xx for Time & Attendance Recording and Access Control


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