IF-800/W02 - IF-800VP

Product Description

Slave Terminals IF-800/W02 / IF-800VP

Slave terminals of the series IF-800/W02 / IF-800VP (VP = vandal-proof) have been specifically designed to meet the requirements of access control and person identification.

Overview of Features:

  • Access control
  • Door control and monitoring



These slave terminals can be connected to a terminal controller or a master terminal. They allow for flexible integration into new and existing environments.


The devices are used for identification via RFID credentials and for controlling doors. In conjunction with a controller or a master terminal, the devices are capable of writing NetworkOnCard permissions for offline terminals onto credentials.

Usage / Installation:

The reader electronics is preferably installed in an unsecured area directly next to a locking device and connected to the I/O controller included in delivery via a cable of up to 100 m length. Thus, unauthorized access can be prevented even if the reader has been damaged, e.g. due to a short-circuit.


Special Features:

Both devices are designed for outdoor operation (IP65). The IF-800/W02 model is equipped with an encapsulated reader electronics as well as an encapsulated power supply cable (5 m) which allows the terminal to also be used in rough environments.

The water-protected, vandal-proof aluminum housing is especially suitable for installation in areas that cannot be visually monitored (e.g. outdoor areas) because it is protected against mechanical impacts according to EN 50102 IK 08 and can only be opened by the use of special tools.

Terminals of the series IF-800/W02 are available in anthracite housings. IF-800VP terminals are available in silver.




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