IF-810 / IF-811 / IF-812 Access Control

Product Description

IF-810 / IF-811 / IF-812 Access Control

IF-810 / IF-811 / IF-812 terminals are designed specifically for the purpose of access control and person recognition.

Overview of Features:

  • Access control
  • Door monitoring
  • Monitoring of sensors (locking devices, barriers and doors)



These slave terminals can be connected to a terminal controller or a master terminal. They allow for flexible integration into new and existing environments.


The devices are used for identification via RFID credentials and for controlling doors. In conjunction with a controller or a master terminal, they are capable of writing NetworkOnCard permissions for offline terminals onto credentials with Mifare or LEGIC technology.

Usage / Installation:

The use of impact-proof and weather-resistant materials allows for both indoor and outdoor installation.

Special Features:

In order to meet higher security requirements, personal identification numbers (PINs) can be entered via the keypad at terminals of the series IF-811 and, in addition, individual alarm or error messages can be generated.

Due to the 2 x 20-digit, illuminated OLED display of the IF-812 model, feedback can be provided to the user directly. This procedure is controlled by the host software.





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