IF-271 Door Handle

Product Description

IF-271 Door Handle

The electronic door handle is the ideal solution for cost-effective, uncomplicated and wireless compliance with current security standards for a wide range of applications. The IF-271 Door Handle offers stability through precisely manufactured mechanics and electronics as well as highest data security through the integrated Secure Element.

The key feature of the Door Handle from Interflex is that it can be easily integrated into the access control systems IF-6020 and IF-6040. Two technology variants are available:

  • The Door Handle card reads the access permissions stored on RFID credentials via proven NetworkOnCard technology.
  • The Door Handle air reads the digital key on credentials or smartphones via RFID/NFC or Bluetooth technology and evaluates the stored access permissions from the IF-6040 access control system online in real time, or offline in the door handle.

Together with the IF-4041 Gateway from Interflex and the latest BLE 5 technology, the door handle offers all the benefits of a state-of-the-art wireless online system.


Benefits at a Glance  

  • Quick and easy mounting, no cables required 
  • Upgrade from Door Handle card to Door Handle air possible at any time
  • Very long battery life
  • Battery status indication via LEDs
  • Emergency power supply via Micro USB
  • Good read range
  • Convenient one-hand operation


  • Contactless identification via credential or smartphone
  • Door Handle air with wireless communication, both online and offline
  • Self-learning access control list used by Door Handle air to control access in offline mode
  • Security management with a Secure Element
  • Certificate-based encryption with Door Handle air
  • Booking response via LEDs and buzzer when credential is being read







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