IF-261 Cabinet Lock

Product Description

IF-261 Cabinet Lock

The electronic IF-261 Cabinet Lock from the Opendor line of products provides the highest level of security for storage cabinets and lockers. The Cabinet Lock is the ideal solution for cost-effective, uncomplicated and wireless compliance with current security standards for a wide range of applications.

The key feature of the Cabinet Lock from Interflex is that it can be easily integrated into the access control systems IF-6020 and IF-6040:

  • Cabinet Lock card reads the access permissions stored on RFID credentials via proven NetworkOnCard technology.
  • Cabinet Lock air reads the digital key on credentials or smartphones via RFID/NFC or Bluetooth technology and evaluates the stored access permissions from the IF-6040 access control system online in real time, or offline in the Cabinet Lock.

Together with the IF-4041 Gateway from Interflex and the latest BLE 5 technology, the Cabinet Lock offers all the benefits of a state-of-the-art wireless online system.


Benefits at a Glance  

  • Quick and easy mounting, no cables required
  • Upgrade from Cabinet Lock card to Cabinet
  • Lock air possible at any time
  • Very long battery life
  • Battery status indication via LEDs
  • Emergency power supply via Micro USB
  • Good read range even on metal cabinets
  • Convenient one-hand operation
  • Robust housing resistant to disinfectants


  • Contactless identification via credential or smartphone
  • Cabinet Lock air with wireless online and offline operating mode
  • Self-learning access control list used by Cabinet Lock air to control access in offline mode
  • Security management with a Secure Element
  • Certificate-based encryption with Cabinet Lock air
  • Booking response via LEDs and buzzer when credential is being read







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