Time management and access control in the cloud:
highest scalability, performance and availability guaranteed by Interflex


A dynamic working world and markets full of changes as well as high demands on products and services – various complex requirements have an impact on your company every day. Therefore, solutions that support your company in meeting these challenges in a world of constant movement in an agile, fast and competent way are required.

This also applies to your systems for digital time management and access control. In this case, extensive and speedy system support requires the committed involvement of various departments (IT and HR departments or corporate security). However, the IT department’s resources are in particularly high demand. Staff bottlenecks and a lot of administrative work often arise there.

So, how can you free up your departments? The conclusive answer is: migrate successfully to the cloud with Interflex Managed Services and use the significant benefits of this cloud solution.



Save resources, increase productivity and create freedom

We have developed Interflex Managed Services for all companies that want flexibility, to save resources, increase their productivity and value and save costs. The cloud-based solution allows you to free up various departments and leave the professional operation of the application and the infrastructure to the Interflex experts. Benefit from the many advantages of the web-based application, such as a high-level of efficiency, availability and data security – and use the advantages for your digital time management and access control.

In short: thanks to the cloud solution, you enjoy numerous freedoms, focus on the essentials and reclaim one of your most important resources – your time.




Interflex Managed Services – all benefits at a glance:  

Interflex Managed Services is a modular concept and, therefore, scalable with regard to service, user packages and features. Your requirements are flexibly implemented, be it today, tomorrow or in the future.


Interflex provides support for the cloud-based solution. This provides you with additional resources and frees up your IT and HR departments and corporate security, for example. In short: we create freedom so that your employees can focus on core tasks and prioritise valuable projects.


Thanks to a highly available system architecture, you can use the application at any time – meaning Interflex Managed Services is available to you around the clock. Moreover, the system offers modern security standards, such as certificate-based end-to-end encryption, enabling you to communicate securely.


Access to your application and your data is easily possible at any time via the internet. Your bookings and enquiries are processed immediately without delay. This is ensured by permanent system monitoring and proactive system optimisation so that you reliably have an efficient application available.


We carry out regular updates and upgrades – this means your cloud-based solution is up-to-date and protected at all times. In this way, you benefit from the latest features, comprehensive security measures and the constant further development of usability – for an intuitive application that facilitates your work every day.


We will put together the perfect package for you: adapted to your company development, you only pay depending on requirements, i.e., for the employees who actively use time management and/or access control. You also have a predictable cost overview thanks to the rent rate per person.  For you, this means: “cloud on demand” in every way and complete flexibility.


With Interflex Managed Services, the host and the peripheral form a strong team: both are included in the central update centre and system monitoring. Consequently, all components integrated in the system are updated similarly and in a simple way. This means that the host and the peripheral are synchronised and up-to-date at all times. You benefit from a homogeneous system in which all further developments take place simultaneously – today and in the future and always made by Interflex.


Your requirements are quickly and competently implemented by our experts so that your web-based solution meets your needs and suits you. An established and experienced team, which exclusively takes care of the system operation, is responsible for providing support with the platform.


Due to multi-level security zones and a strict separation of our clients, we ensure that your data is protected as suggested by the GDPR. The data processing centres are located in Germany, so that we and the operating company act in accordance with the corresponding legal basis.


Modern IT infrastructure, comprehensive service tools and processes certified in accordance with ISO27001 and geared towards ITIL: Interflex Managed Services is designed as a complete total solution in accordance with best practices, proven methods and offers the latest technologies.



Who is the solution suitable for?

  • For all companies that are looking for cloud-based time management and access control solutions and want to reduce effort and costs as a result.
  • For all companies that have already installed peripheral hardware from Interflex and would like to benefit from an upgrade to the cloud.


For more information on Interflex Managed Services, please refer to the brochure.






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