Interflex expands cloud-based ecosystem to include access control 


Interflex expands cloud-based ecosystem to include access control

Recording working time data and protecting employees and company assets with access control is essential for all companies. To ensure that time management and access control systems are dynamically scalable and at the same time function reliably, their operation requires intensive monitoring, support and maintenance of the IT infrastructure. For many companies, this ties up valuable personnel resources and know-how, while risk minimization and strategic development often fall by the wayside. The remedy is to shift to the cloud. According to a Bitkom survey on the use of cloud computing, more than three quarters of respondents highlight the ease of mobile access and report faster scalability of their IT services. Other positive experiences include an increase in data security and a reduction in IT costs.

With Interflex Managed Services, Interflex Datensysteme GmbH, a specialist for modern access concepts, time management and workforce management, offers a cloud-based ecosystem that now includes access control in addition to time management. The solution relieves the burden on HR departments, corporate security, and especially IT and its technical infrastructure. In this way, resources can be conserved, productivity increased and costs saved. "Cloud-based solutions are an important building block in our strategy," explains Bart Michiels, Managing Director of Interflex. "We have already gained a lot of experience with time management in the cloud. Now we additionally offer the access control module in the cloud, either individually or in a combined package with time and attendance."


Everything from a single source

Interflex Managed Services is modular and thus scalable in terms of service, user packages and functions. Interflex offers everything from a single source: the entire host infrastructure from the data center and server to an additional back-up infrastructure and network security, the IF-6040 software application with the modules for time management and access control, and peripheral hardware such as terminals, locks or badges, which are integrated as a whole into the operation. Host and peripheral hardware form a homogeneous system in Interflex Managed Services. They are integrated in the central update center and system monitoring, which is why all components integrated in the system can be updated equally and easily. Thus, the host and peripherals are always synchronized, up-to-date and protected. As a result, users benefit from the latest functions, comprehensive security measures and the constant further development of usability.


Available at any time

Access to Interflex Managed Services and the data, which is stored securely and DSGVO-compliant in Germany, is possible around the clock from anywhere simply via the Internet. Bookings and requests are processed immediately without delay. Constant monitoring and proactive optimizations ensure the performance of the system and applications. In addition, Interflex Managed Services features modern security standards such as certificate-based end-to-end encryption, thus enabling secure communication. Automatic back-ups and disaster recovery processes are also integrated.

The "cloud-on-demand" licensing model allows the actual need for active users to be adapted to the company's development - guaranteeing full flexibility and predictable costs at the same time. The cloud-based ecosystem can be implemented as a stand-alone solution or linked to other systems via interfaces, for example for importing HR master data. Interflex Managed Services is certified according to ISO 27001 and is based on the IT Service Management Framework ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library). Interflex is planning to develop further components with wireless connectivity in order to be able to respond even more flexibly to existing peripherals in the future and to simplify the installation effort.

"Companies receive investment security with our cloud-based overall solution and can react quickly to dynamic market conditions," emphasizes Uwe Bühn, responsible product manager at Interflex. "Furthermore, they create additional resources and relieve the burden on their IT, HR department or corporate security, for example, because we take over the support of the solution. In this way, we create free space for employees so that they can concentrate on core tasks and prioritize value-creating projects. So they regain their most important resource, namely time."




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