Interflex provides system solutions for global company groups


Interflex provides system solutions for global company groups

Interflex Datensysteme GmbH provides globally organised company groups with individual security concepts, including all software and hardware components. The solutions developed within the context of digital transformation are particularly efficient and also allow users to chart the course for new processes. The example of Stabilus S.A., a leading global supplier of gas springs, dampers and electric motor drives, shows how added value can be generated from existing data using modern access control, including time recording.


“Thanks to the scalability of Interflex solutions, large company groups in particular benefit from investment security. Because, of course, it is necessary from time to time to set up extensions or changes for security-sensitive zones in an internationally orientated company. This is usually done quickly and cost-efficiently with our systems and the help of our specialists,” explains Interflex Managing Director Bernhard Sommer.


Evaluations with strategic potential

Interflex systems with time recording reduce administrative work in the HR departmentso that HR managers can use their time for other tasks, such as recruiting. Thanks to digital evaluation options, company groups can simultaneously use the data obtained via time recording for dynamic corporate development: Various evaluation modes in the software’s workforce management features make it possible to use the recorded data additionally for strategic planning, for example, to calculate future personnel requirements or to calculate the time required for new processes, types of service or business models. In addition, the system increases accounting security for all contract models  – from full-time employees to part-time workers and short-time employees.


Stabilus: Global organisation in nine countries

The user Stabilus S.A., headquarted in Koblenz, has a global production network in nine countries with around 6,000 employees throughout the group. With the help of its new Interflex solution, Stabilus now controls its access and time management in a standardised system. The new Interflex system consists of software and hardware and was adapted to the growth of the existing global corporate structures.

The globally organised company group meets its extensive security requirements with access control. This makes the wide array of keys and time-consuming access management that were previously used a thing of the past.

The integrated time management offers a high degree of user-friendliness: employees’ working hours are booked automatically upon access and can be processed directly in the internal SAP system thanks to the appropriate interface. Another advantage: with Interflex’s time recording system, employees at global companies can access their time recording data both at the terminals and on their PCs as well as via mobile apps. In this way, bookings become a standardised, transparent process for all employees.


Innovative potentials

Administrative processes take on a completely new meaning for corporate management with the help of digital transformation via integrated software systems, New potentials arise: for personnel management, for the design of internal processes and customer relations. If, for example, the features for access control and time recording are stored on a multifunctional card, internal processes can be organised even more efficiently, saving more time. This means that employees no longer need to deal with an array of different ID cards, PIN codes, passwords and keys. “The targeted use of internal data is developing into a decisive tool for success for the strategic orientation of companies and organisations and for positioning in future markets,” emphasises Interflex Managing Director Bernhard Sommer. 



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