Controlling visitors and service provides using access control


Controlling visitors and service provides using access control

Companies are faced with the task of reliably controlling visitors and service providers. In sectors where security is critical, such as the chemical, pharmaceutical and steel industries, it has to be possible to trace who has visited the company premises, the purpose of the visit and who has given access authorisation. Visitors must be registered, given instructions and be able to meet up with their own employees safely. Furthermore, external company employees must be given enough freedom of movement to perform their tasks. Another hurdle that must be addressed is evacuation management, for both the company’s own staff as well as visitors to the building. The IF-6040 access control system provides automated processes for these requirements that can be precisely adapted to the company’s needs.

Visitors to the classic office environment are, in comparison, easy to manage. The host invites the visitor via Outlook, the visitor identifies himself at the reception or self-check-in terminal and is marked in the system as present. The host is informed by staff or via the system of the visitors’ arrival. Visitors are also given an access medium automatically or by the staff. When a visit is over, the visitor is checked out by reception staff, the host or automatically. The IF-6040 system can implement automated processes from the master record system to the assignment of access authorisations and the automated assignment of IDs. Defined rules make the constant manual intervention of staff dispensable.


From instruction to certificates

The situation becomes more challenging when the visitor has to be instructed in a more complex way or needs certification to enter the area. These kinds of scenarios are plausible at industrial plants, airports, seaports or power plants. Interflex provides the “instruction” module in the IF-6040 access management system for this purpose. This makes it possible for the visitor to receive the necessary instructions conveniently from any location – at the self-check-in terminal on site or online. The system then makes the necessary certificates with the respective validity. In this way, companies are completely informed about when which instructions were given and can ensure that access is only given to authorised persons.


Access for external persons

A more complex situation arises when unknown people either need irregular access or there is a large number of people at once. This is plausible, for example, in the event of regular inspection work in the industrial sector or industrial companies with a large number of external workers. Particular focus is on environments where there are not only classic visitors, but a particularly large number of external persons that require access to work on the premises. In this case, the company has obligations towards these people with regard to proof of identity, instruction and evacuation management. Interflex provides solutions for partially or fully automated access, while at the same time assuring all information duties towards company security or the authorities. With the IF-6040 system, partner companies are able to register and instruct an unlimited number of personnel in a decentralised way. All documents and certificates can be managed and internal processes assigned via an external company portal, for example, by using internal order or project numbers. The system can assign and take away access authorisations for these requirements. The self-check-in terminals provide identical functions on site. From identification, assignment to a host or a project, a wide range of instructions, through to assigning access, companies can digitise and automate their processes accordingly. In the process, the ability to obtain and provide information about all the steps taken is continuously maintained.


Systematic evacuation

In the event of an evacuation, Interflex recommends managing all persons in one system; in other words, both permanent employees as well as all visiting groups, including external workers. In this way, the company always has information about who has entered and left certain areas. In the event of an incident, an intelligent system ensures optimal coordination of the evacuation, for example, via predefined alarm functions as well as automatic control of access and outside doors.


Controlled access routes and exits

Another main focus of access control is the requirements of companies with a high volume of lorry traffic. In this respect, it is important to ensure that lorries only enter the area if there is actually space available to load and unload the vehicles. Furthermore, access control ensures that only authorised vehicles may enter the site. In addition, access control for people can be integrated.  For example, the vehicle and driver have to be recorded on the freight documents and compared to the data in the system. All access control solutions can be supported by modern camera technology, if desired. Visitors’ or internal staff number plates can be registered or compared with existing data records. Another advantage: security staff can also access the image material in real time and directly intervene in access processes from remote locations.



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