New desktop reader generation Interflex IF-73

Interflex IF-73

Manufacturer and system developer Interflex Datensysteme GmbH has launched the IF-73, a new desktop reader with an attractive design. Typical applications include representative areas such as the reception. In addition, the IF-73 enables the identification of employees at machines or workstations. The IF-73 supports current technologies such as USB-C and emits visual and audible signals as soon as the reader has read the data on the medium. The desktop version is optionally available for MIFARE Classic, MIFARE DESFire, LEGIC prime or LEGIC advant RFID technologies. 

The sleek, modern design of the IF-73 is particularly suitable for representative applications at an entrance or a reception, for example for visitor management where the table reader is used to encode visitor ID cards or to assign them to visitors. This allows visitors to move independently in a previously defined area. When the visit is over, the user simply places his or her ID card on the desktop reader and is signed out automatically. If employees have forgotten their ID card, the IF-73 can be used to encode a replacement ID card for the current work day, while the card that has been forgotten is automatically blocked. Taking back the replacement ID card can also be managed – the system automatically reactivates the employee's original ID card when the replacement ID card is canceled. In this way, the IF-73 supports effective processes at the reception.


Issuing of ID cards and analysis
ID issuing uses the IF-73 to encode employee ID cards with MIFARE technology. Existing employee ID cards can be analyzed. If employee activity on certain machines is to be permitted or recorded, it is possible to integrate the reader into the machine control system. This means that only authorized employees are able to operate specific machines. The evaluation can then be used to analyze who operated which machine and at what time.


Efficient PC protection

Access protection for stationary computer systems is another application for the IF-73 desktop reader. When the desktop reader is connected to a PC, the computer can only be unlocked by placing the employee ID card on the reader. The "Card in the field" function is used for this purpose. If the employee leaves his workplace, he takes his ID card with him and the PC is secured again. This increases security because, unlike passwords, the badge cannot simply be obtained by spying.


Individually configurable

The IF-73 series ID card reader can be used as a DLL access ID card reader or as a stand-alone ID card reader. When used as a stand-alone reader, the device records the data of the medium in the selected protocol after an RFID identification medium (ID card, key fob) has been placed on it. Configuration for the respective purpose is carried out using the supplied software. The IFReader.DLL, which is also part of the scope of delivery, enables access to customer-specific applications by means of DLL functions. On request, Interflex can implement special applications according to customer requirements. Depending on the version, the IF-73 desktop reader features USB, RS232 and Ethernet 10/100 Base-T interfaces. 



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