Interflex is donating €10,000 to help put a permanent stop to hunger


Interflex hilft mit einer Spende von 10.000 € Hunger nachhaltig zu stoppen

No child in this world should have to go hungry. In many cases, babies are already born underweight, which makes them more vulnerable to sickness and disease. Chronic child malnutrition often has lifelong consequences. Frequent floods, droughts, and pest infestations mean that there are no reliable harvests, as is also the case in Burundi, for example.

Interflex supports children’s aid charity Kindernothilfe e.V., and is donating €10,000 to help poor families end the vicious circle of poverty and hunger. Some of the money will go towards transmitting knowledge of farming and pest control as a means of increasing crop yields. And some will support projects to develop small-scale sheep, goat, or chicken farms in order to create an additional source of income. The money will also help families who make a living from coffee cultivation by renewing old, low-yield coffee crops and providing resilient seeds.

Interflex is delighted that this project is being supported by the 1+3=4 initiative. Under the scheme, the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development will make up the remaining 75% of a total donation figure of €40,000, which will flow into the “Putting a permanent stop to hunger” project.




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