Working together for success!

Working together for success!

Solution: Time recording, physical access control (software and hardware)

"With Interflex as strong partner, we were able to bundle existing resources and now profit from functioning processes on all levels.” Sven Nosse, head of IT / information security officer

Striving for security

ASAP Holding GmbH puts a high premium on quality that is rooted in a passion for sophisticated technology. With regard to the employees, the focus here is on appreciation, trust and open communication.

To uphold these values and secure the quality of all products, the work involved in handling access permissions and time recording has to be minimized as much as possible for all employees. To this end, Interflex is developing a suitable solution together with ASAP.


A solution shaped by intensive consulting

The goal is to find a solution that offers both access control and integration into a project time management program.

At ASAP, administration of access control and time recording is complex and time-consuming. In particular, the interaction between the two components does not always work smoothly. To simplify processes, an efficient electronic solution of Interflex is to be introduced.

Interflex offers ASAP a complete security technology package (barriers, door conversion etc.). A special challenge is the task of creating a front-end computer for integration into PID, a project time management program.

Additionally, access control should be possible both online and offline. Thus full flexibility is to be safeguarded without affecting security.


A complete package with many advantages

First an access control system with the IF-6040 software of Interflex is being introduced. The software solution does not only encompass access control and assignment of access permissions, but also serves as front-end computer for integration into PID, the project time management program used by ASAP.

The integration of existing components is a special challenge in the implementation of a new access system. Interflex offers its customers solutions where everything comes from a single source.
In the case of ASAP, this also means performing work on mechanical systems and cooperating with partner companies.

The barrier systems are operated in successful cooperation with Perimeter.
The door conversion for the mechanical locking systems, which is being done together with TEGAS, is also progressing smoothly.

Interflex is leading the introduction of the new system solution and successfully working with its partners to minimize the effort involved for ASAP.

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