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Our state-of-the-art terminals and corresponding, in-house developed software, for example, can be used to control the doors and entrances of a multinational company across several continents - both mobile and in real time.

On the other hand, we provide comprehensive tools for workforce management, such as time & attendance and personnel scheduling solutions. We make sure that the working time of your employees is accurately recorded - via terminals or mobile devices. As a next step, this data can then be used to create flexible and efficient duty rosters and staffing schedules.

Visitor self-registration
with Interflex

Do you want to give your guests a pleasant welcome? Then Interflex has the right solution for you! With the self-registration of visitors, your reception will be relieved and the waiting times for your guests significantly reduced.


Visitor invitation management
with Interflex

Do you want to make invitation management easier for your reception staff? Then Interflex has the right solution for you!
By pre-registering visitors, you can exchange the necessary information before the appointment and save both your guest and your reception staff a time-consuming registration procedure.


Manage access rights
with Interflex

Employees enter the company, change their position or retire? Your company prescribes that the employees' right of access should be adapted at every change of personnel.
To ensure that you do not have to change individual access rights for each employee, you can use Interflex software to create rights profiles for different user groups. These can be transferred automatically to the various employees.


Access via smartphone
with Interflex

Do you have different keys, badges or chips for opening doors? Should they be lost, they must be replaced with great effort? Not anymore.
Anyone who owns a smartphone can use this to open all doors that are controlled by an Interflex access control. Simply load the app and register, done!


IF-6040 Time - It’s never been easier!

Time Recording and Time Management with the IF-6040 Time System. Everyone Benefits from Time Recording!


Applying for and approving
working hours is child's play?
With workflows of the IF-6040 Time!

The key element of any modern time management software is its workflows, namely applications, approvals and corrections.

With the new 6040 Time, such tasks can be completed in seconds: choose your dates, provide a short explanation if required and submit your request.

The application is then reviewed, checked and answered by a supervisor in an equally simple process.

All workflows can be individually adapted to suit your needs.


Clear reporting of working hours,
individually for your company!
IF-6040 Time.

Nothing but simple charts? Not anymore! A modern time management system needs to look good and offer a pleasant user experience.

The new IF-6040 Time provides real added value by enabling you to also graphically evaluate your collected data.


Time recording with
IF-6040 Time is so easy!

Our software features an intuitive user interface, responsive design and coherent functions that make it as easy as possible for you and your staff to use.

Your homepage, the so-called dashboard, can be flexibly configured to suit your needs, allowing you to create favourites, display information and much more with just one click.

Keep track of things at all times, with balances, days of leave and working hours all calculated and displayed in real time.


Data protection? Record and document
working hours safely now: IF-6040 Time!

You can manage user rights for entire groups in a simple and efficient process.
These then have a direct impact on the tasks and functions in the software. Rights and settings can be customised to meet your company’s specific requirements.






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