Here’s why we are the ideal employer for you:

You value a work environment that fosters your potential, quickly assigns personal responsibility, and allows you freedom for your professional and personal development?


It’s important to us to make sure you take on responsibility soon and have the freedom you need to develop new ideas and put them into action.
We provide optimum support for your strengths in the process and create a work environment of trust where you can explore your potential to the fullest.


Our promise:
"Freedom for doers"





Inventors are welcome.

Thanks to our founder, Willi Haller, and his idea of making working hours – and with them, the value of free time – measurable, we have been shaping and simplifying the day-to-day working lives of millions of people for over 40 years now. That applies to us, too, and all across working life, from work from home to the office and on-site with customers. We are proud of the knowledge we have built, and it is an important part of our identity. That’s why we believe it is important for you to work in an environment where you can explore your potential and strengths to the fullest, think ahead, and try out new things.

Interflex Macher!




Your opinion counts!

As a doer, you will be a key part of shaping our company’s success. Thanks to our flat hierarchies and smaller teams, we operate flexibly on the market, so we can make decisions quickly. As an Interflex employee, you will have all the autonomy you need to arrange your own tasks and contribute your experience and opinions. We encourage you to participate in cross-team projects and suggest new potential solutions, which you can then execute on your own or as part of a team. Do you have a great idea? Our internal suggestion program and surveys give you exactly the platform you need to let your voice be heard and get others involved as well. Or you can just let us know your thoughts.

Interflex Macher!




A team of high performers

Having fun as a team, but still performing? Yes, it’s possible! Our dealings with each other are characterized by appreciation, openness, and mutual support. We are on a first-name basis, which helps everyone see each other as equals. At Interflex, the human factor is still paramount. After all, we know that employees can only perform at the level that makes us successful as a company if they are happy. Strong team spirit and creative work together to add value are important so that we can offer our customers the best possible solutions. In short, a work environment where people feel comfortable, with a wealth of exciting tasks to spur growth and development.

Interflex Macher!



Your development. Our support.

We view you as you! We actively support your development through a wide range of continuing education opportunities, with training, on-the-job learning, and development meetings. After all, we know that if you have opportunities for individual growth and development, are assigned tasks that fit your strengths, and also have the chance to take on responsibility in your role early on, then you will really live up to your full potential as a doer.

All the while, you actively help to shape this path as a doer. We give you a chance to get a “taste” of other areas at the company and actively participate in multifaceted cross-unit projects. That doesn’t sound like the usual practice? True, it isn’t.

Interflex Macher!





Our benefits:
We’re happy when you’re happy!

Alongside trust, appreciation, and autonomy, our doers also enjoy a range of attractive added benefits.
After all, we know that when you’re happy, you can grow and develop optimally and perform even better.


Enthusiastic and helpful: Our team of doers

At Interflex, we focus on teamwork and mutual respect in our dealings with each other.
We view trust, flexibility, and open communications with each other as important factors that contribute to everyone’s comfort and make sure our doers enjoy their work. 


Your development. Our support.

From subject-specific training to soft skills, we give our doers opportunities to grow and develop both professionally and as people, including thinking outside the box as part of interdisciplinary project teams at times.


Attractive package of pension and additional benefits

The doer mindset and success are rewarded. We support our doers in planning for retirement, for example by providing a direct insurance supplement. We also provide contributions to employee capital formation, childcare subsidies, and additional insurance benefits for occupational accidents, plus international health insurance for business travel.


Attractive employee discounts

Via our Corporate Benefits program, all our doers can purchase products and services from well-known manufacturers and brands – all at attractive special prices.


State-of-the-art hardware and software

All our doers work with their own company laptop and cutting-edge software.
Mobile access means you can work flexibly from anywhere. 


Work-life Balance

As the inventor of flexitime, we know how important good work-life balance is.
That’s why we make it possible for our doers to work flexibly from anywhere, in line with their own individual life situations.


Modern mobility

We think ahead to the world of tomorrow. That’s why we offer opportunities to lease bikes, including e-bikes, with attractive installment plans.


Health in the workplace

We promote our employees’ health with a range of health campaigns, including back health training, tips on exercise and diet in the workplace, and a financial supplement for those buying eyeglasses certified for screen-based work.
We also partner with pme Familienservice and Anthem (in Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria, and Switzerland) to offer free advising and intermediary service to coach our doers through the various stages of their lives.


Free beverages

Free beverages are available to our doers at all locations.


We celebrate successes

From our summer festival to the Christmas party, we hold regular company celebrations and events.
Shared successes are celebrated as a team.






Sound perfect?

Join us now!







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